The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2012 is closed! Have 31 entries total

August 27th, 2012, 16:06

The NEO Retro Coding Compo 2012 is closed! Have 31 entries total
Here are the entries list for this compo 2012:
more info:,7485.0.html
The Game division, total 20 entries Author
[PSP Game] OpenRPG By musky44
[NDS Game] Bubble Fight NEO By relminator
[NDS Game] A Cup of Tea - Super Yeti Edition (ACOTSYE) By smealum
[PCE Game] Island Adventure By sarang
[NDS Game] LemIstIo (RPG) By LeRodeur
[SNES Game] Tchou By dieudunet
[PSP Game] Runaway Car By 10$man
[NDS Game] Mr. Robot and his robot factory By maRk2512
[NDS Game] Spirits DS - 25th Anniversary By NightFox
[GBA Game] Holy Hell By genecyst
[GBA Game] A Werewolf Tale - WIP By genecyst
[Atari 2600 Game] Cyber Willy By theloon
[NES Game] I Wanna Flip the Sky By TomL
[Wii Game] Harmony's Nightmare By Mr. Reaper
[SNES Game] MazezaM Challenge By alekmaul
[N64 Game] Yeti3D Pro By ChillyWilly
[NDS Game] SyobonAction DS By leinad
[Wii Game] Piipe Paniic By miguel28
[Wii Game] Digger By Sektor
[NDS Game] Starfall By DesertDog
The App division, total 11 entries Author
[NDS App] FPS Maker By smealum
[PSP App] Wifihack By m.rr
[NDS App] AnimEDS: Animation Editor for DS By PypeBros
[NDS App] vibratorDS By Nehrem
[NDS App] DS Weather By WolfSpider
[PSP App]Take your Time - Anti Stress Audio Tool By leviadragon
[Wii App] Music Painter By Mr. Reaper
[PSP App] PSPInfo By m.rr
[N64 App] ControllerTest By sanni
[Multi-Platform] BAGASM(RC3)-Assembly Like Scripting Interpreter By BassAceGold
[NDS App] DSDaft - Daft Punk for the Nintendo DS By corenting
Like before, your review is welcome very much ---,151.0.html  
And thanks leinad , he has make a nice download link for all entries :
Zip files:  
APP Only (41 MB):
GAME Only (56 MB):
7z file (smaller file, but requires the 7zip programm instead of just the Windows integrated packer):
We will announce the final TOP 3 winners in the first week of Sep.

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