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SuperCard / SuperPasskey Review

Flashcart/Adapter for Nintendo DS and Flashcart for GBA


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Superpasskey Adapter

If you are a programmer, NDS SuperPass Key gives you the ability to test your programs on the DS hardware, not just in an emulator. If your not a programmer, it allows you to download demo's from the internet and play them on your DS. SuperPass Key is easy to use. The only requirement is that you need a flash cart or Super Card and a commercial DS cart to work with it. If you use it with SuperCard, please download the SuperCard SoftwareV2.41 and SC Kernel software V1.50 to upgrade your SuperCard before converting NDS games to SD/CF card.
Note: If the serial number of your NDS start with '12' or later(e.g. NU12255608(4)), your console is not compatible with SuperPass.

If you have backups of your Nintendo DS Commercial games (dont bug us as we dont support piracy) then you can easily convert them to play on your Flash Cart.

Supercard SD Adapter

Super Card SD TO GBA SUPER CARD is a miniature mobile GBA(SP) file Manager and Bakup device. Fore backuping files it uses SD card. It allows you to run a variety of software, Play Game, Watch movie, E-book, Music and Photo albums. All version of Super Card support GBA, GBA SP and NDS.
Super Card is easy to operate. Just use the bundled software to convert GBA games and copy them to SD card. Then, you are ready to enjoy the games.

Review Itself

The SuperPasskey/Supercard SD Adapter came in a small box with no instructions which disapoints me, but i found the original website where they were manufactured and downloaded the software needed and also the latest firmware version. Luckily the Supercard was on the latest firmware version at the time.

The software for the supercard is primarily for converting Nintendo DS Commercial roms so the Supercard can run them, (some sort of patching program), i found this hit and miss (remember that this site will not tell you where to get Nintendo DS Commercial roms we are only interested in Emulation and Homebrew), sometimes it would convert and sometimes not, i did manage to get Nintendoogs working but it crashed on saving and so it works out that for any commercial DS game you need a corresponding DS game thats of the same save size although thats all changed with the release of This patching software which converts games and you dont need the corresponding DS cart.

The software worked great and so that was one test down although no one tells you that you need to change any file that ends .nds.gba to .gba.nds and if you do that they boot into Nintendo DS mode instead of GBA Mode. Homebrew works perfect on the card and DS emulators too.

I especially like the Built in emulators so instead of getting your favourite game and then converting to a GBA file you just put say a .nes file in and it plays perfect.

This review hasnt touched on all the details of this product but this is one great product and good for both homebrew and playing your backed up Nintendo DS commercial games and also the best GBA emulators.

The Superpasskey/supercard is a good buy for any DS Homebrew fan once you get past the confusing first few days.

Ill give it a 8/10 for a good Nintendo DS Flash Cart :)

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