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by Steveola

TET*IS Developer - Sergej Kravcenko

Yep, you guessed it, it’s a Tetris clone.

I don’t need to explain Tetris, because you have all heard of it, and you either love the game or hate it.

This game is the best of the bunch regarding homebrew Tetris clones (and there are lots of them!)

The main thing that struck me about this game was the absolutely lovely music, its very mellow and soothing. It reminded me of an Amiga style demo tune (however it does stop rather abruptly before looping again).

Anyway on to the game itself, as you can see from the screenshots, it looks nice, and it plays very smoothly which is essential with this type of game. It has quite a professional look about it, from the splash screens to the menus.

One main difference between this and other Tetris games, is the backgrounds for each level, you start the game with a blank background, and for every line you get, a line of the background image is revealed. This is an excellent addition, and keeps you going back for more. Images are mainly Manga / Fantasy themed (and no nudie pics unfortunately!).

The other gameplay difference is the introduction of icons which do various things when activated such as speed up the game, remove all blanks, etc…

Tet*is saves your data to cart as you progress, and any backgrounds you fully expose can be viewed in the gallery option at the main screen.

When playing this game on an emulator, you may get graphical corruption at the bottom of the screen, this does not happen when its played on a real GBA!

I liked Tetris, and I like this game, it’s a very competent and polished product.

Tet*is can be downloaded here:

Reviewed by Steveola


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