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Bust A Move GBA Review

by Steveola

Bust A Move Developer - Russ Prince

I just have one thing to say about this game….

Perfect !

I have been downloading a lot of homebrew games recently, and I loaded this up with a good deal of cynicism, I mean, we all know about the arcade smash Bust-A-Move (also known as Puzzle Bobble) right?

OK, for people who have been hiding in a cave since 1994, the aim of the game is to clear the screen of bubbles by shooting errr… more bubbles at them. When you have 3 or more connected they pop. (it’s a lot more fun than I make it sound.. Honestly!)

So how would this be translated by a bedroom developer?

When I played this for the first time, it blew me away.

It is perfect in every detail, the most faithful arcade conversion you will ever see. I cant believe Russ Prince isn’t selling this commercially, it is on an equal par with the official Ubi Soft / Taito GBA release (except for this you don’t have to pay).

It even has a link up option for head-to-head play

Actually, I think this version has the edge over the commercial version due to the fact that the play area and bubbles are larger, making it easier to see.

If you don’t download this immediately you must be mentally disturbed.

This is one homebrew title which will be staying on my flash card for a long time to come.

Bust-A-Move can be downloaded here:

Reviewed by Steveola



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