Pixel-Accurate Plugin for N64 (2014/07/20)

July 21st, 2014, 20:55

Due to several requests and complaints by people in Shunyuan's thread, I've decided to release a native build of angrylion's modifications to the MAME RDP code and some VI code. (Graphics plugins emulate both the RDP and the video interface or "VI".)

With the exception of a few unsolved RDP mysteries and possibly some regressions, angrylion's "little RDP plugin" has successfully corresponded to a pixel-by-pixel level of real graphical filtering accuracy as with a genuine Nintendo 64. In fact, the "SoftGraphic" plugin released by Shunyuan was based on an old, bugged trunk of this software from years ago and removes most of this extent of accuracy in exchange for some speed-ups. If you desire full speed or inaccurate, high-resolution PC hardware renders of Nintendo 64 games, do not use this plugin.

Attached are the two versions of the plugin you can use (and, in case it was not already installed on your system, the Microsoft C run-time 12.0 library). One of them renders at the "native" NTSC 640x480 resolution, for the N64's digital-to-analog conversion from raw RGB pixels to the TV screen, and the other is fixed to 320x240, which limits the emulation screen to the scope of the frame buffer pixels in RDRAM but is less accurate since the native pre-scale width has to be downscaled from 640 to 320, causing a possible offset of one pixel column.

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