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NO$GBA v3.00 released

November 27th, 2019, 21:42

dsi/teak/help: mmio info from wwylele's .md files and lauterbach .per files
dsi/teak/help: tested/added/clarified more/undocumented teak mmio details
3ds/teak/help: fixed errors in CFG11_SHAREDWRAM_32K_CODE/DATA descriptions
3ds/help: rev-engineered CSND sound/capture specs (mostly same as NDS sound)
3ds/help: rev-engineered most NDMA startup modes and CDMA peripheral IDs
3ds/help: basic notes on New3DS NFC hardware (Near-field communication)
3ds/help: basic specs for New3DS QTM io expander (whatever that is used for)
3ds/help: more or less working specs for New3DS C-stick and ZL/ZR buttons
3ds/help: full specs for accelerometer, and for both gyroscope chip versions
3ds/help: full specs for irda chip (yet no info on irda-software protocol)
3ds/help: full specs for corelink dma registers (still need opcodes though)
3ds/help: scanned SPI bus and I2C bus (with some new device id findings each)
3ds/help: added many i2c irq-sources (routed through gpio registers)
3ds/help: added comprehensive list of unknown lcd-i2c registers
3ds/help: removed lots of dirt from the official arm11 mpcore interrupt specs
3ds/help: rev-engineered event/fault irq numbers for XDMA, OldCDMA, NewCDMA
3ds/help: tested I2C+ARM camera access (and identified left and right cameras)
3ds/help: major rewrite of mcu chapter (focusing on actual info without blurb)
tsc/help: added TSC flowcharts for touchscr,microphone,nds-mode and basic init
mic/help: rev-engineered microphone, moved mic from unknown to sndex chapter
3ds/help: rev-engineered I2C clock config and manual/fifo SPI clock rates
dsi/help: added 8mhz spi bus clock (not 3ds specific) (enable via scfg_ext7)
3ds/help: added complete New3DS XL Component List (and semi-complete Old3DS)
3ds/help: added basic MMU virtual memory table specs (in arm cp15 chapter)
3ds/gpu/help: completely rewritten Top/Bottom Screen/Framebuffer Setup chapter
3ds/gpu/help: added notes on unknown read/write-able bits in PICA registers
3ds/gpu/help: added list of unknown/unused/undocumented PICA registers
3ds/gpu/help: added specs for finalize/interrupt registers PICA(0000h..0035h)
setup/controls: allows to use DEL/BS keys (toggles between none and that key)
3ds/cdma/xdma/help: added summary of all Corelink DMA registers and opcodes
help/emu/disass: supports invalid arm/libgcc BX PC opcode (thanx scott norton)
3ds/help: better gpio specs, and various details here and there
3ds/help: added stubs with R/W masks for most unknown arm9/arm11 io ports
3ds/debug: assembler/disassembler supports all new ARMv6/ARMv6K opcodes
3ds/debug: start_direct can now load FIRM files to memory (for disass)
3ds/memory: started allocating some 3ds-specific memory (AXI, WRAM, etc)
3ds/arm11/help: arm/thumb opcode encoding specs for new ARMv6/ARMv6K opcodes
3ds/bptwl/help: added notes on (limited) bptwl i2c register emulation
3ds/mcu/help: RL78 opcodes, registers, flags, memory map, SFR I/O map
3ds/cpu/help: added notes on branch prediction affecting waitbyloop timings
3ds/config11/help: rev-engineered details for new3ds clk/mode change register
wifiboot: uploader uses non-blocking tcp socket (for abort by keystroke)
3ds/disass: added RL78 disassembler (for 3DS.mcu or New3DS.mcu firmware image)
debug/help: included no$gba debug help in gbatek (moved to bottom of text)

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