NeoPop GX unofficial - NeoGeo Pocket Emulator for GameCube

March 7th, 2013, 00:52

03/05/2013: ( Unofficial Version 0.1 NGC release )
- Various code changes to fix compiler errors and supress "most" compiler warnings
- Fixed / Updated code for compiling against latest resources (devkitPPC r26 and libogc
- Minor Audio Rewrite:
. "Glitchy" Audio introduced due to latest devkitppc/libogc incompatibility
. removed original audio threading code to fix the issue
- SDHC support
- Added / Fixed rom loading ( title will now automatically begin after selecting )
- Added Automatic TV mode detection (based on GC IPL version)
- Added Progressive Video display / Component cable auto detect. Supported video types:
. 480i/480p
. 576i/576p << need feedback to confirm if any issues with PAL video mode (slowdowns or audio)
- Added Safemode Menu display:
. Force Menu to display 480i video with Digital Component cable (CRT SDTV compatibility)
. Hold L TRIGGER during bootup to activate
- Added IPL font fix for Qoob moodchip
- Menu enhancements:
. Fixed Menu to correctly display "Stop DVD Motor" option
. Added aspect/scale "default" option ( restore to default settings )
. Startup "Credits" moved to EMULATOR OPTIONS menu

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