FCEUX v2.2.1 - Nes Emulator for Windows

March 11th, 2013, 14:22

The 2.2.1 release fixes many bugs and adds a couple of new features. The most notable feature is "Auto-resume old play session", which is similar to "Suspending Play". Enable this option in the Config menu and now you can close ROMs or emulator anytime, next time the game state will be resumed from the closing point.

Speed up HUD text drawing

Finished mappers to boards conversion
Fixed mappers 99, 228, 18, 198, 24, 26, 69, 19
Mapper 115 - redesign according to the hardware tests
Fixed "you ling xing dong" by assigning to mapper 192
Fixed crash when four-screen bit is set after CRC check
UNIF: verbose/safe chunk loading, fixes some crashes

Removed "shadow pixels" from gui.text()
New Lua functions:
New scripts:

Fixed "Enter New Input" dialog (Hotkeys mapping)
Fixed zapper and mouse positioning in fullscreen
Remodel "Video config" dialog
Added "TV Aspect (4:3)"
Holding Shift when resizing FCEUX window inverts "Force integral factors" meaning
Fixed window regions redrawing
Added the option to define custom emulation speed (NES->Emulation Speed->Set Custom Speed)
Now Frame Advance timings (initial delay and speed) can be tweaked by user
Added Config->Enable->Auto-resume old play session
Moved "Config->Game Genie" to "Config->Enable->Game Genie ROM"
Play movie dialog shows New PPU in red if the required setting does not match
Fixed NameTable Viewer crash when the corresponding nametable RAM is not available on the cart
The number of active cheats is displayed on screen when a ROM is loaded
PPU/PAL/Input type changing is disabled when a movie is playing

TAS Editor
Fixed keyboard accelerators when editing Notes
Fixed Greenzone saving while emulator is unpaused
Fixed drawing bugs when the Playback cursor moves more than once within one update
Changed "Compact save" dialog, added 4 options of Greenzone saving
Added "Config->Project file saving options"
Changed "Follow cursor" logic, now the Piano Roll doesn't follow Playback cursor while seeking
No "Autopause at the end of the Movie" when Recording
Fixed bug when adding new item to History Log
Fixed Bookmarks List height on Windows 7

Trace Logger
Fixed RAM-located code logging when CDLogger options are enabled
Fixed automatic window update when a breakpoint is hit
Fixed RTS padding

Code/Data Logger
Added current CDL filename field and default CDL naming
Added "Auto-save .CDL when closing ROMs" option
Added "Auto-load .CDL when opening the window" option
Added "Auto-resume logging when loading ROMs" option
Improved CHR logging, now it also logs the data when using Old PPU

Hex Editor
Show symbolic names in the window caption when "Symbolic debug" is enabled
Fixed crash when trying to save ROM to an invalid path
Fixed ROM coloring when using CDLogger data

Ram Search
Added "Search ROM" option

Added "Add from CHT file..." button
Update the list of cheats when ROM is changed

Use desktop resolution for fullscreen by setting SDL.XResolution and SDL.YResolution to 0 (new default is 0)
Fixed bug where "quit" hotkey would do nothing in '--nogui' mode
Fixed fullscreen zapper issues
Display a message dialog on errors in addition to printing to stderr
Added "Options->Auto-Resume Play"
Fixed build issues on various versions of OS X

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