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Cemu v1.14.0c released! Nintendo Wii U emulator for PC

November 6th, 2018, 20:32

# New in 1.14.0c:
gfxPacks: Fixed accidental localization of preset variables in shaders

# New in 1.14.0b:

general: Minor UI tweaks
CPU/JIT: Added exports for Cemuhook to allow for more reliable JIT cache invalidation when toggling patches
GX2: Fixed potential softlock when 'Full sync at GX2DrawDone' is enabled

# New in 1.14.0:

GX2: A full reimplementation of the texture system from scratch
Main improvements:
- Better tracking and synchronization of textures which have overlapping data
- Better performance when a large number of textures are loaded
- Better garbage collection in texture cache (lowers VRAM usage and keeps it low)
- Lower chance of corrupted textures due to improved detection of texture invalidation
- Avoid rendering to GL texture views since they have bugs on AMD and Intel drivers (fixes 'light circles' and similar issues)

GX2: Fixed shader cache being ignored on Windows AMD drivers
GX2: Fixed 'Nvidia artifacts' (e.g. BotW lava and water surfaces would have distorted pixels)
GX2: Primitive RECT are now rendered as triangles
GX2: Added support for shader CALL instruction
GX2: Automatically scale texelFetch() coordinates to match resolution defined via texture rules
GX2: Added support for streamout in geometry shaders
GX2: Emulate color buffer GPU7 registers correctly
GX2: Fixed separate alpha blending
GX2: Correctly clamp out-of-bounds LOD values in GX2InitSamplerLOD()
GX2: Fixed a bug were tiling aperature always assumed a tilemode of 4
GX2: Added support for texture formats R16_SNORM and BC4_SNORM
GX2: Fixed a bug where the first depth clear on an previously unknown texture was being ignored
GX2: Fixed slowdown when rendering point primitives (Mainly affected Mario Kart 8 and Fatal Frame 5)
GX2: Fixed random crash that could occur shortly after shader cache finished loading

PPC/JIT: Small tweaks and improvements

gfxPacks: V2 graphic packs that are not compatible with 1.14.0 will be marked as outdated

coreinit: Context LR is now stored as big endian
coreinit: Added API OSContinueThread, MEMGetAllocatableSizeForBlockHeapEx, OSSwapAtomic
coreinit: Small tweaks to OSExitThread

input: Fixed touch input in separate pad window
input: Improved deadzone handling

vpad: Fixed directions of axis values in certain situations

snd_user: Added snd_user HLE implementation (VC titles and some other games should now have audio even without providing snd_user.rpl)

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