Cemu Emulator version 1.13.0e publicly released!

August 22nd, 2018, 00:11

Public release date: 2018-08-05

# New in 1.13.0e:

general: Fixed multiple smaller issues with the new graphic pack window (like description and name size)
general: Graphic packs improvements
- load/unload packs, which only contain shaders and no texture rules, while a game is active
- added int/double type support for preset variables $var:type, which is used in shader replacement

# New in 1.13.0d:

general: Fixed language selection in general settings
general: Added support for arithmetic expressions in presets and texture rules
Fixed multiple graphic pack errors with the new version

# New in 1.13.0c:

general: Fixed recompiler bug that could cause random softlocks

# New in 1.13.0b:

general: Fixed hex constants in new graphic packs

padscore: Fixed trigger and release values for emulated wiimote controllers

# New in 1.13.0:

general: Added support for launching .elf executables (homebrew)
general: Overhauled graphic packs system and interface
- Added the ability to store multiple presets in one graphic pack (e.g. multiple resolutions in a single resolution graphic pack)
The used preset can be selected in the interface. Only one preset can be active at a time per graphic pack
- Replaced the graphic pack list with a tree view to allow hierachical structuring
- Added description and path field
- Added a button to reload custom shaders while a game is running (mainly intended for graphic pack development)
- Existing graphic packs for Cemu 1.12.2 and earlier remain compatible

general: Added a new general settings window and moved most options there
general: Added discord rich presence support

input: Cemu should no longer detect some keyboard special keys as permanently pressed

audio: The audio output device can now be selected and changed in the audio settings

padscore: Fixed a bug where some controllers where read as wiimote input instead of their proper format (Applies only to Pro or classic controller)
padscore: Fixed default values for WPADGetDataFormat to match the configured controller

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