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Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name nDOS

Author Mollusk & gally:


Description Demo for the Nintendo DS



Here 21st August 2005

Wifime Version

& PassMe Version


nDoS v0.6 By Gally
Special Thanks to Mollusk, Birslip, and all

°How to use° :
Unzip nDoS anywhere on your HardDrive.

Add your documents (*.doc - *.txt - *.html) and your adressbook (*.csv) in the 'yourfile' directory. -> Launch "make_your_ndos.bat" to compile the rom.
=> Flash rom and enjoy

°Other Instructions° :

- First time booting nDoS, you will be asked to format Sram. If you want to keep your saves, just switch off your DS and backup Sram.If you ever need to format Sram, just hold 'start' while booting nDoS.
- To get to the menu, just drag the stylus to the top of the screen or press 'start'. You can then choose which app to launch with either stylus or D-Pad + 'a'.
-powersaving mode when you close the lid.

You can save text by taping 'save' and loading saved text by taping 'load'

- Documents are listed on lower screen, taping on one while show a text preview on upper screen. Taping on it a second time will read the whole document.
- Choose reading mode (vertical/horizontal) by pressing 'select'.
- You can zoom and change page with D-Pad or 'abxy'.
- To get back to the list, press 'L' and 'R' at the same time.

To display information on a contact, just tap one his name with the stylus.You can drag the list down using the slider on the right.

Press 'select' to invert both screen and change settings.
You can change color between 4 pre-selected (which you can change by setting RGB valuesor by selecting some from the ready-made palette) ones with the D-Pad
Tools :
- The rubber button erases the screen.
- The 'line' button is for making coffee (-_-')
- Red cross button cancels last action
- The green arrows button has same effect as 'select'

Tap 'create' to create an account, 'login' to login and so on
You can define a default user so you don't have to login everytime on boot.

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