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EMULATOR: X millennium Advance


Author: unknown

Description:Sharp X1 turbo emulator for the Gameboy Advance and also the Gamecube via the Gameboy Player and now the Nintendo DS (via the GBA Cartridge slot)..




Information :

X millennium Advance (ver0.20) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ¡ function in which it does not support - writing to some screen mode (width, 10 and width, 20) floppy disks - keyboard -SIO and menu (various setting / disk exchanges) ¡ Creation of a GBA image. 1. Copy the following files to a folder with advtool.exe xmiladv.hdr. iplrom.x1t font0808.x1 font0816.x1 font1616.x1 2. Floppy disk image inserted in execution (only d88 form) FDD0.D88 FDD1.D88 It renames and copies to the same folder. 3. If advtool.exe is performed xmiladv.gba is created. ¡ Execution GBA system xmiladv.gba has not received the license from Nintendo. For this reason, the Nintendo LOGO for making it operate with the system is not contained. In order to make it operate with the system, please write in Nintendo LOGO on each one of responsibility. In those who call it -- or can move PDS of GBA with the system, they are explanation important point ‚È‚¢‚Á‚µ‚å. -- Visual Boy Advance If it is the case where System BIOS is not used, it will operate without a patch. moreover -- Case where it is made to operate by VBA With Options->Frame skip 0, 2, 4, 6, or 8 are chosen. Automatic is removed. Options->Filter->Interframe Blending->Motion Blur is chosen. Please carry out. ¡ Operation A direction key, and A and B -- It is equivalent to JOYPAD1 by the side of Xone. The L key -- While pushing the L key If a direction key is pushed The screen display range is movable. There are no other functions. Therefore, only application which is only JOYPAD1 and does not perform disk exchange can be performed. ¡ Conclusion NDS is very pleasure.


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