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Name WonderS

Author Liranuna


Description Wonderswan emulator for the DS



WonDerS v1.1 - With ROM Loader! / Discuss Here -->

WonDerS v1.1 (29/10/2005)

Added GBFS ROM Loading

Minor speed boost

Posted on : 29 Oct 2005
Yes! This is what all of you wanted - a WonDerS build with a ROM loader!
WonDerS is still a WIP emulator, so all i'm asking is you, the users to send me
your tests results with your favourite ROMs, so i could start a compatibility list.
Get the emulator from [Here] and start playing!

I would also like to thank some people :

Extreme Coder - for helping me with the ROM Loader integration.
Ryan Hansson for pushing me forward with a nice donation :)
All the people who have emailed me - this is very encouraging.



Early Wonderswan emulator for the Nintendo DS, includes Wondersnake homebrew rom.

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