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Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name Wins

Author Liranuna


Description Windows for the Nintendo DS



Neoflash Entry 21st August 2005

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Nintendo® DS™ Windowing System

NDS WinS is an API for the Nintendo Dual Screen.
This is a port of the famous GBA WinS first coded by Francesco Napolitano
and is still available at
However, NDS WinS is NOT a direct port of GBA WinS.
NDS WinS currently have the following features in addition to GBA WinS's features

• 100% Touch Screen Integration which means :
o Drag-able and Resize-able Windows
o On-Screen vKb (virtual Keyboard) for easy text editing
o Clickable Buttons and other Controls
• Cool new Application Lunching system – Icons
• On-Screen Real-Time-Clock
• Can hold ANY GBA WinS application

Please note that NDS WinS can run any application
coded and compiled correctly using any compiler.
The applications at this stage built in and must be pre-compiled
with the NDS WinS and WGL (WinS Graphic Library) libraries.

Future plans:
• A File System using a Computer-based program to inject files
• Using WiFi to:
• Create a basic file types handlers :
o Text, Pictures and documents viewers
o Music : MP3, Ogg and WAV
o Movies : low-res and low-bps MPG and AVI files
o *.WnS Executable files as WinS Application
o Moreover, almost ANY file!
• Using the NDS WiFi to:
o Send WinS Applications or Files from one DS to another
o Create a varieties of Web-Based applications :
x Web Browser
x MSN Messenger
x Yahoo Messenger
o Communication between multiple DSs – Unlimited options
• Support for full screen applications
• MAJOR Speed optimizations
• Find a use for the second screen

Working with WinS:
• To Open Applications: Tap the Application's icon.
• To Move/Drag a Window: Press the Title-bar and move with your stylus.
• To Resize a Window: Press the right edge for X-axis resizing,
down edge for Y-axis and right-down corner for both.
• To Insert Text: (only where possible) Click on the Edit Box you want to edit,
Write your text using the on-screen vKb and then press "Done" when finished.
• To Close a Window: Tap the close button (the 'x' button on the right-top edge)

Applications included in NDS WinS Demo:
WinS Paint – A basic Paint application
WinS BasiCalc – A basic Calculator - Added a divide button
Dominator – A WinS puzzle game – more info in the game
LoveCalc – Computes the love-rate of two names
Notepad – A basic Text editing program
TicTacToe – A Tic-Tac-Toe game

Francesco Napolitano – for creating the original GBA WinS
Chétic - for great help in beta testing ( I personally DON’T have a DS )

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