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Author: Masken

Description: Gamecube Emulator for Windows (PC)




Release 7 Here 27th July 2005

It took a while, but now it's done. Aside from BAM being playable, there are also many other changes. Here are the most noteworthy:
Fixed many crash bugs.
Removed the need to have MSVCR71.dll.
Added DSP disassembler.
Vastly improved graphics emulation, using pixel shaders.
Changed window title to show game name instead of file name (GCMs only).
Added an option to turn debug logging off and on. It is off by default.
Added an option to disable the syscall instruction, enabling Freeloader and Action Replay.
Download and discuss. Oh, by the way, you might need d3dx9_25.dll. Just put it with the others.

Windows Version here r6



WhineCube is a GameCube emulator. Its primary function is to load and execute a DOL-format executable with graphics, pad and sound emulation, and optionally provide massive debug dumps. It has two different cores, an interpreter and a dynamic recompiler. There is also a primitive HLE system.

Windows xp or later (it might run on Win2k, but I wouldn't bet on it)
DirectX 9.0b
DirectX8-compatible graphics drivers

Gamepad mapping:
Gamepad 0 PC Keyboard
D-pad TFGH

Analog 1/2 mod Shift
Analog 1/4 mod Ctrl
Analog stick Arrow keys
C-stick IJKL

Usage: WhineCube [filename.dol] [switches]

Emulation options:
/cache Activate a workaround for the cache problems a few early demos has
when loaded with something other than PSUL 1.0.
/gcm <filename> Load the specified GCM file at startup and close the emulated lid.
/rec Use the recompiling core.
/interp Use the interpreting core.
/rti Enable sensitive dynamic recompilation. For use with selfmodifying code.
If it works in the interpreter but not in the recompiler, try this.
/amode Enable advanced memory translation mechanisms (BATs and page tables),
as well as sensitive dynarec. For use with very advanced stuff (gc-linux).

Logging options:
/daudio Dump all sounds played using DMA to disk, raw 16-bit stereo PCM,
big endian.
/quiet Mute any sound played using DMA. Works well with /daudio.
/disasm Disassembly mode. Rather messy at the moment, but it gets the job done.
/degub Dump debug info for every instruction executed. Slow and spacy.
/skip%i As /degub, except for the first %i instructions. Ex: /skip2130000
/nodegub Turn off degub mode.
/dumpmem Dump main, cache and hardware memory on exit.
/beep Emit a low-pitch beep when a vsync access is detected,
a high beep when pad access is detected and
a medium beep when recompilation starts/stops.
/bouehr Break On UnEmulated Hardware or SPR access.
/nohle Disable HLE.
/lowmem Activate special logging for accesses to the low memory area (0 - 0x3100).
Implies /interp.
/recd Use the recompiling core and disassembles the recompiled areas.
/lint Log interrupts.

Most command-line switches are also available through the Advanced Options dialog.

Known issues:
* PSOLoad2-style DOL reloading is not supported at this time. Attempting it will result in an undefined opcode encounter.
* Frame detection is tricky business. When WhineCube is unable to dectect new frames, the screen is updated at a fixed rate, which defaults to one FPS. You may change this rate to 50 FPS, though doing so will slow the emulation down somewhat.
* BBA emulation has been mostly disabled until further notice.

To DesktopMan and the author of for YUYV conversion information.
To Crazy Nation for lots of useful info.
To Peter of and to Yursoft for YUYV and Pad info in their OpenGC library.
To CrowTRobo for his Audio Demo.
To Epsilon and RealityMan (UltraHLE) for the analog modifier key idea.
To or9 for Dolwin.
To Costis for GCLIB.
To tmbinc for his IPL and 3D code.
To groepaz for YAGCD.

Special Thanks:
To Nullsoft for WinAMP.
To sleeps for the WhineCube logotype and icon.

Contact the author:

IRC: Masken, #gcdev, Efnet

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