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EMULATOR: Visual Boy Advance


Author: Forgotten

Description: GBA Emulator for Windows(PC)

Best GBA emu for PC bar none :)



Download: HERE 1.8 Beta 2

SDL Version Here

VBALink 1.7.3 (updated June 2005) (Multiplayer Version of VBA)

Latest Release Information


Core changes:

fixed bugs on ELF clean up

improved CodeBreaker 0xDxxxxxxx code support

updated Scale2x filter to version 2.0

improved memory timing

added support for z2 (delete break on write) so that gdb can use break on write


added search for base language dll

fixed GDI problems with selected bitmap being deleted

added JPEG and PNG support for skins

changed import/export battery file to default to battery directory

fixed the translation bug with viewers

fixed the GB map view flickering

fixed skin bugs

SDL versions:

now it exits when closing the window


added a new interface using GTK+, which implements a first part of the Windows version

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