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EMULATOR: Visual Boy Advance for Hackers



Description: GBA Emulator for Windows(PC)

Best GBA emu for PC bar none :)



Download: HERE

About VisualBoyAdvance for Hackers

VisualBoyAdvance for Hackers (VBA-H) originally spawned from a modified version of VBA by kenobi which included a number of new code hacking features in the SDL debugger version. Since then, kenobi has expanded on his work, and I (Labmaster) have added some features of my own, most notably, a re-designed Code Searching dialog.

No formal documentation currently exists, this may come later.

Unique features include:


Break on Read
'Don't Break'
Conditional Break on ARM and THUMB
Edit Register
Log trace to file
Break on Change
Windows Version:

Cheat Search Dialog 'Status Bar'
Customizable Results Limit
Flag Compare Search
Difference Options
Set Search Range
Remove Results
Goto Address (double click on result)
Simple ASCII Text search in Memory Viewer
Edit cheats (double click on cheat)
About the latest version

This latest version has been updated straight from the CVS Repository at Sourceforge. It includes the following 'sneak peeks', which will appear in future official releases:

Support for most other AR V3 code types
Prefetch emulation (NES Classic compatible)
Various GFX cleanups and optimizations.

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