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Name Text Viewer

Author Rich


Description Text app for the DS



Here v0.1 23rd September 2005


This is nothing special, just a text viewer for the DS. Makes use of a full touchscreen interface, persistent text bookmarking through SRAM, low power mode, and multiple file support with clean GUI for selecting. Uses a 5-pixel-width subpixel font to allow greater text density than standard 8-pixel tile fonts.

What is broken:
-Saves. Hexen save data is huge and needs work to be cut down. For the time being,
a warp menu has been added under the "ds" section of the main menu for playing
-Memory. Occasionally the zone may get too fragmented and the game may run out of
memory. This is indicated by the game freezing in place in a while loop. I have
added more cache swapping for asset types and have not seen this occuring lately,
but it's still possible.
-Speed. It's generally playable but does not run at full speed. More routines are
already being converted to ARM assembly and optimized so this will continue to

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