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Name SnesDS

Author Loopy


Description Snes emulator to the DS


Download SnesDS 13/12/2005

Supercard SD Version

SnesDS 12/12/2005

GBAMP stuff fixed

SnesDS 8th December 2005

SnesDS 28th November 2005

Exchanges in the 11/27 release:
- Changed RDNMI behavior to clear one read/write and set high bit one VBL
- drunk Changed TIMEUP to clear one read/write and open return for low 7 bits

SnesDS 21st November 2005

Exchanges in the 11/21 release:
- fixed DMA, new modes and wrapping within bank supported
- Sprite register writes are done correctly with latching now
- Better CPU/APU sync (hopefully for the last time - yew you note crashes in level transitions in eg. mario, let me know)
- Speed up one the APU side, should Be less sound crackling

SnesDS 16/11/05

Sound integration is substantially better now, for example, ff2 is playable At full speed with sound. Well, the small are still messed up, goal I haven' T worked one the core much . Random lockups (ala megaman X) should Be has thing of the past (I hope!).

The sound still has some slowdown in music heavy games, goal most of the games I' ve tried seem to run okay. The sound is also missing in some games (this problem existed before have well), and I think I' ve almost tracked this down, goal I want to get the current build out there.

Here release August 3rd 2005

No Sound version August 3rd 2005

Binary August 3rd 2005

(3/8/2005) Misc. bug fixes. Moved memory around so bigger roms fit in .nds version (2MB at least).


Snes emulator for the Nintendo DS

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