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HOMEPAGE: Honky Kong (Not yet) = author

Lantus( ) = source code

Author: Lantus (Source) HonkeyKong (porter)

Description: Super Nintendo Emulator for the PC

Screenshots: Mario Kart running via Whinecube but its working for Snes9xGC :)

Thanks to Lantus for the news.




SNES9xGC Public Beta 2 By Honkey Kong

3/4/2005 - Beta 2 release

Fixed: Graphics garbage cleared up, thanks to WinterMute for help with that.
Full SNES Audio emulation now, BIG thanks to Shagkur for the new mixer code!
Added C-Stick mapping to SNES ABXY buttons for games like Smash TV and Total Carnage.

Please bear in mind that this is a beta release, and as such, there are still plenty of bugs.
Only single-player mode is supported at the moment, and there is no saving to the memory card.
Saving to memory cards and SD will probably be implemented in the actual release versions.
Also, in an actual release, there will more than likely be support for loading DOLs from DVD-R
or SD-Cards. The only current way to load ROMs in this beta is by injecting them into the DOL
from the command prompt. Injectors are included for Win32 and x86 Linux platforms. If you need something else, let me know. ROMs can not be over 6MB in size, but I don't know of any ROMs > 6MB, so no big deal. To use the ROM injector, open up a DOS Box or XTerm and type:

s9xinject ROMfile DOLfile

Where ROMfile is the name of the SNES ROM you want to inject, and DOLfile is the name of the DOL
you want to create.

To use PSOLoad's reloader function, press L+R+B+Z at any time during play, and SNES9X will freeze and wait for a new file to be loaded over the network. See the PSOLoad documentation for more details.

I would really appreciate it if everyone who downloads and uses this emulator could make a list of
ROMs they've attempted to run, and which ones were successful or failed, so I know what I need to
improve for future releases. When you have a list, you can send it to me via PM on the
forums, or post it in one of the SNES9x threads so I can find it. Now that I have that out of the
way, I've got a few thank-yous to say to some of the people out there.

Thanks to:
Lantus - for getting the ball rolling with SNES9x on GC, and releasing the source for others to use.
WinterMute - For DevkitPPC, and for giving me a hand with squashing that nasty framebuffer bug.
Shagkur - For libOGC, and for the much-improved audio mixing code in this release.
Stealth Helmet - For writing the Windows version of the ROM injector because I'm too tired. :/
And to all the great people in the Gamecube homebrew scene, for the motivation to pick this back up and work on it again.


Port of Snes 9X to the Gamecube Console, already runs at 60FPs, controller support is added and now DSP emulation is working :)

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