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Author: Flubba

Description: Sega Master System emulator for the Gameboy Advance and also the Gamecube via the Gameboy Player and now the Nintendo DS (via the GBA Cartridge slot)..


Download: SMSAdvance V1.4 17th January 2006

- Added fake support for sprite collision (option).

SMSAdvance V1.3 15th January 2006
Added support for running the GG bios in SMS mode.
Added support for all SMS Bioses.
Added option in builder for "empty" slot at the end of ROMlist. (Loopy).
Added option to lock the 2 toprows in unscaled mode.
Added "Perfect Sprite" option for games like:
Global Gladiators.
GP Rider (GG).
Speedball 2.
Xenon 2.
Added emulation of locking the right side of the screen, games:
Griffin (GG).
Line of Fire.
Megumi Rescue.
Fixed IO port 2, Laser Ghost.
Fixed Monaco GP, SG-1000.
Fixed the support for Jang Pung II (KR).
Fixed priority on zoomed sprites in mode 0 & 2 (Bank Panic, SG-100).


V1.2 - 2005-11-30 (FluBBa)
Added support for graphics mode 0 & 2 (F-16 Fighter, SG-1000 games).
Now saves the whole (32kB) SMS SRAM.


v1.1 3rd November 2005

Added sprite following (somewhat).
Fixed background color (lots of games).
Fixed Game Over screen on Rambo III.
Fixed sprite bugs on Codematers game in scaled mode.
Optimised CPU abit, again.

V1.0 - 2005-10-14 (FluBBa)
Fixed Codemasters mapper (broken in V0.9).
Cleaned up the mapper code a bit.

v0.9 September 27th September 2005

V0.9 - 2005-09-26 (FluBBa)
Added support for the GG BIOS.
Added config for using Select as Reset button.
Fixed Shanghai 2.
Fixed Ryu Kyu.
Fixed Space Gun.
Fixed a bug in joypad reading (Street Fighter II).
Optimised mapper detection.
Optimised sound mixer.
Optimised CPU abit.

v0.8 September 3rd 2005

- Added support for Street Fighter II.
- Added config for using R as Start.
- Fixed Pause in Robocop 3.
- Fixed some scrolling glitches (Gunstar Heroes intro, Rygar).

V0.7 19th August 2005

V0.7 - 2005-08-18 (FluBBa)
Reduced sprite flicker in Arch Rivals.
Fixed Rise of the Robots (HBlank IRQ enabled at start).

v0.6 15th August 2005

V0.6 - 2005-08-15 (FluBBa)
Fixed Gunstar Heroes (bug in V0.5).

v0.5 14th August 2005

V0.5 - 2005-08-13 (FluBBa)
Added Codemaster & Korean mappers.
Added a 32k SRAM support for Shining Force 2 & 3 (not saved yet).
Fixed a memory management bug again (Shinobi in some cases).
Fixed a rendering bug in 224 mode (Codemaster games).

v0.4 10th August 2005

V0.4 - 2005-08-10 (FluBBa)
Fixed memory management again (Shinobi, The Ninja, SDI).
Fixed a rendering bug in GG mode (GG Aleste).
Fixed sprite offset -8 (Ghouls'n Ghosts).

V0.3 - 2005-08-07 (FluBBa)
Fixed nametable switching a bit (Sylvan Tale, Road Rash).
Fixed 256x224 screen for GG games (Star Trek games).
Fixed memory management a bit (Ys, Terminator).

v-0.3 10th August 2005

Information from Read me:

SMSAdvance V0.3
This is a SEGA Master System & Game Gear emulator for the GBA.

Most things you'd expect from an SMS emulator.
Except these...

Sprite collision and overflow.
Speech samples.
YM2413 emulation.
Locking of right panel.
Some screen modes.
Only 1 page of SRAM (for all games).

How to use:
Run SMSAdvance.exe to add roms to the emulator.

When the emulator starts, use Up/Down to select game, then use
B or A to start the game selected.
Press L+R to open the menu, A to choose, B (or L+R again) to cancel.

Controller: 2P control player 2.
Unscaled mode: L & R buttons scroll the screen up and down.
Scaled modes: Press L+SELECT to adjust the background.
Speed modes: L+START switches between throttled/unthrottled/slomo mode.

Sleep: START+SELECT wakes up from sleep mode (activated from menu or 5/10/30
minutes of inactivity)

Make sure your flashing software allocates 32kByte/256kbit SRAM for SMSAdvance.

EWRAM speed: this changes the waitstate on EWRAM between 2 and 1, this
can probably damage your GBA and definitly uses more power,
around 10% speedgain. Use at your own risk!

Link transfer: Send a SMS game to another GBA. The other GBA must be in
multiboot receive mode (no cartridge inserted, powered on and waiting with
the "GAME BOY" logo displayed). Only one game can be sent at a time, and
only if it's small enough to send (approx. 128kB or less). A game can only
be sent to 1 (one) Gameboy at a time, disconnect all other gameboys during

Use an original Nintendo cable!

Copy smsadvance.gba to the plugin folder (or compress it to mbz before you copy
it) then rename it to smsadvance.bin and add this line to the pogo.cfg file:
sms 1 smsadvance.bin 2
sms 1 smsadvance.mbz 2

Huge thanks to Loopy for the incredible PocketNES and the builder, without it
this emu would probably never have been made.
Thanks to:
Reesy for help with the Z80 emu core.
Some MAME people for the SN76496 info.
Charles MacDonald ( for VDP info.
Vinpire for the splashscreen.

Fredrik Olsson

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