Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name SDL Sopwith

Author Lazy1


Description Homebrew Game


Download SDL Sopwith (Alpha 2) 4th December 2005


I have gotten quite a bit of work done on my port of sdl sopwith to the nintendo ds, right now the game is playable but I'm not the best at finding bugs.
So I'm releasing this alpha version to see how many people can find.

The game is playable in it's current state but must be run under real hardware and does not have any sound.
Keep in mind its still far from release quality.

Tested using a gbamp and passme so I'm not sure about other loading methods.

[Updated 12/03/05]
NDS Sopwith has been updated to alpha 2.
Changes include:

- Hopefully fixed all input bugs
- Hopefully fixed bug with timing
- Fixed .sopwithrc file open error, it will no longer try and open the file
- Added options screen
- Added more keys

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