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Name ScummVM DS

Author Agent Q


Description ScummVM interpreter/emulator for the DS


Download v0.5 20th December 2005

CD audio is supported using IMA-ADPCM compressed WAV files
• Direct file system support now works on the M3 and Supercard
• An on-screen keyboard to name saves
• Interact with the zoomed view by swapping the screens over with X
• Zoom in/out by holding L and pressing A or B
• Scroll the screen with the pen while holding L
• Improved the way the zoomed view follows the talking character
• Music support in FM TOWNS games
• Sound volume improved, and sound glitching fixed
• Left handed mode
• Help screen added
• D-pad controls in the front end
• Numerous other bug fixes

v0.4 28th September 2005

- The top screen now shows a zoomed in view of the action, scrolled to the character who's speaking
- Large speed increase for Adlib music emulation
- Large speed increase for GBAMP CF card loading
- Closing the lid now puts the DS in sleep mode
- Screens are now the right way round on the latest firmware for the M3 player
- Savegames now save in the selected folder rather than the root
- Dialog no longer skips when you scroll the screen down as it's playing
- The console no longer appears during gameplay by default, toggle it using the Y button.
- Implemented screen shake function

V0.3 5th September 2005 Here

Thanks to Zhevon for contributing the Sam & Max cursor code. Changes in this version:

Full GBA Movie Player support, including save/load. This means full talkie games are playable!
Rewritten blit operations in assembler, causing a speed increase.
Fixed crashes in Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Added Indiana Jones fight mode. Use the options menu to enable it.
Fixes SRAM clear keypress sometimes not being detected
Prevented temporary saves from being saved to SRAM on flash cart version.
Added alternative controls for Sam and Max. Cursor is displayed on the top screen, and D-pad right switches modes.

V0.2 23rd August 2005 Here

Right everyone, it's time for an update. First, thank you to everyone who has donated to ScummVM DS, I greatly appreciate it, and have bought a GBA MP with the money. So when it arrives, I'll be adding support for it. For now, here's version 0.2 for you.

Changes in this version:

- Crash bug after playing for a while has been fixed
- All games have a performance boost
- Saves are compressed in SRAM allowing more than one
- Saves don't get lost at random any more
- Engine configuration is saved into SRAM
- Added option to clear SRAM (hold L+R on startup)
- Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis now works
- The sound glitches are reduced”

V0.1 15th August 2005 Here

Runs nearly all of Lucasarts' SCUMM games up to and including Sam & Max Hit the Road
Supports sound
Supports multiple games without reflashing
Supports using the DS touch screen for controls
Suports saving games to compatible flash cards
All games run at pretty much full speed

WMB version Here 31st July 2005 (fixed versions updated)

Flash Version Here 31st July 2005 (fixed versions updated)

[To use:
Click 'add game'.
Click 'Choose'.
Click 'OK'.
Click 'Start'.

'Select' switches between scaled and unscaled. D-pad to scroll around. Play the game using the pen.

I should have a version that can play any game you have the data files for by next week or so.


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