Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name ReboNDS

Author Didou


Description Bounce Game for the Nintendo DS


Thanks to Drunken Coders for the screenshot.


v1.1 5th November 2005

v1.0 1st November 2005

Updated Release 28th October 2005

Updated Release 23rd October 2005

NDS Version

NDS.GBA Version


I just made available a playable early version of my first real homebrew game on NDS: ReboNDS.
The principle is the simple Bounce game (instanciate by X-Bounce, K-Bounce or whatever-Bounce ;). You just have to fill the screen by, avoiding bouncing balls from cutting you.

I plan to add transition screens (some are already ready), bonuses, maluses, micro support (to shout "SCH.T" in order to cancel a line that will be hit by a ball ;))...

As soon as the game become a bit more complete, I'mm of course release the sources.

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