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Homebrew for Nintendo DS

Name Raw Sound Player

Author Extreme Coder


Description Sound Player for the DS



Release Here 15th August 2005


Raw Sound Player for DS
by Extreme Coder
Usage: Unzip the file to a folder. Drop the .raw files in the same folder, and run group.bat .

Sox: If you want to convert your wav to raw( or any other file that sox supports), type:

sox filename.wav -r 11025 filename.raw

Lame: If you want to convert your mp3 to raw, type:

lame -resample 11.025 --decode filename.mp3 filename.raw

NOTE: you have to convert your files to 11025 bitrate, and 16bit.
Things to expect in future versions:

Add mp3 encoder for native mp3 support.
Add support for multiple bitrates.


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