Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name PocketSPC

Author Gary Linscott


Description Snes Sound chip emulator for the Nintendo DS



V0.9 August 23rd 2005

Optimizations and a few bug fixes.


A SNES sound chip emulator for the Nintendo DS. The SPC700 is capable of 8 channel stereo playback at 32,000Hz with ADSR envelope support per voice, and an 8 tap FIR filter. Currently all 8 channels are emulated in stereo, with full ADSR support. No filter support as of yet.

Got rid of the infamous repeating sample bug, many other fixes as well, check the readme.
Check out the readme.txt in the archive for how to set things up. Note that you need the .NET framework 1.1 installed to run the rom builder.
Keys for the menu system:
Up/Down - move the current selection. The name on the top is the SPC that will be played.
A - start the current selection playing
B - stop the SPC and go back to the menu system
Up/Down - Increase/Decrease preamp (volume)
Left/Right - Previous/Next song

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