Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name PicrossDS

Author Cidrick


Description Puzzle Game for the Nintendo DS



Version 0.3a 18th December 2005

What's new:

100 more puzzles, bringing the grand total to 150
Music! Now you don't have to play in silence. If it irks you, you can turn the music off in the pause menu by pressing left or right.
You can now use L and R to scroll through the puzzle menu a bit faster.
Fixed a bug where saved times would get overwritten on certain puzzles.
Let me know what you guys think by leaving a comment. Any bugs you find or general feedback you have is great.


Last night I finished the first release for the game I'm working on for the DS, called PicrossDS. I hope at least some people here have played a Picross game before. For those who aren't familiar with how the game works, you can read a quick tutorial here.

Right now it's just ten puzzles, but of course, in the final version I plan to have at least 100, probably 200 if I can find enough puzzles. There's no sound, no score saving, and no stylus support, yet. I plan to add them all as time goes on.

Let me know what you think. If you find any bugs, or would like to suggest some features, or think the control scheme sucks, I'm open to any suggestions.

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