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Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name MarcaDS

Author Alekmaul


Description Arcade Emulator for the Nintendo DS


Download version 2.0 January 3rd 2006

Version 1.0 September 26th 2005

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Version 1.0 of the 26/09/2005
* Initial Release.
* The sound is not well managed.


MarcaDS: Emulator of terminals of arcades for Nintendo DS
MarcaDS is an emulator of terminals of arcades.
In fact, I think of emulating a certain number of plays which used Z80 like principal processor, this processor being already used on Coleco and having carried an emulator for the latter, I a little will make profitable it:)..

MarcaDS rests on the same principle that Mame but does not use its source code, this last east can be generic but a little gas works for our small DS:), with my opinion. To use this emulator, you must have ROMs compatible MAME with format ZIP NOT COMPRESS (I did not have time to develop a "readerzip" who read the compressed format). Do not ask me a ROMS, I do not deliver them. A research with Google will give you certainly the solution.

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