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Name Hexen DS

Author Rich


Description FPS Game for the DS



Here v0.1 9th August 2005


What you need:
-The wad from the full version of Hexen (shareware not supported natively by code
released by Raven, may be integrated in later versions).
-A flashcart big enough to hold the binary with wad (well over 128mbit).
-gbfs by Damian Yerrick for appending the wad to the HexenDS binary. You can obtain
it here:
-A way of getting your DS to boot off of said flash cart, which also allows the arm9
code to access the cart's rom. I personally use wmb and a F2A 256mbit cart.

How to use:
-Place your full version Hexen wad in the bin directory where makewadgbfs.bat is,
along with the ds and ds.gba files. Also make sure you have gbfs, lsgbfs, padbin,
and cat somewhere on your path.
-After fulfilling the above requirements run makewadgbfs.bat, if all goes well you
will end up with hexends_wad.nds and hexends_wad.nds.gba files.
-Flash the .gba file to your flash cart, use the method of your choice to get your
DS to run arm9 code off of the cart. This method must support access of the flash
cart's rom section or HexenDS will not run.

What is broken:
-Saves. Hexen save data is huge and needs work to be cut down. For the time being,
a warp menu has been added under the "ds" section of the main menu for playing
-Memory. Occasionally the zone may get too fragmented and the game may run out of
memory. This is indicated by the game freezing in place in a while loop. I have
added more cache swapping for asset types and have not seen this occuring lately,
but it's still possible.
-Speed. It's generally playable but does not run at full speed. More routines are
already being converted to ARM assembly and optimized so this will continue to

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