Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name Gorilla DS

Author Desktopman


Description Game for the Nintendo DS





How to use

use gorilla.nds with emulators, loaders and wifi
use gorilla.ds.gba for flashcarts

Please only distrobute this game in it's original archive.

How to play

Choose angle and power with the touchscreen.
Use left/right to adjust angle slowly
Use Up/down to adjust power slowly

Press in the middle of the circle or A to launch banana

Wifi only: If you boot from wifi and want to save settings, insert a
gba cart which has Game code as "PASS". Almost all ds homebrew
has this.

Sikrit stuff

Press start after you are done playing to restart
Reboot at any time by pressing l+r


Dovoto, Joat, Natrium42, dslynx

Graphics by Whacko


Still got problems? Contact me at

#dsdev @ efnet

Version History

1.0 (gbax version, initial release)

-reworked arm7 code, more accurate touch
-Settings are saved, can coexist with Tetris and Nibbles save
-Round based
-Menu with options
-Wifi icon and description
-buildings collapse
-sound, positioned depending on screen location
-Uses internal clock to choose between day and night graphics
-More lights are off during night than day
-Wind changes dynamically each round
-Building heights are adjusted to ease playing
-Dual controls, use touchscreen and buttons

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