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Unnoficial GoomBA Gameboy Movie Player Version




Gameboy emulator for the GBA Movie Player for use on the GBA / Nintendo DS and Gamecube Gameboy Player



Release 3 17th September 2005

Fixes lots of games!

Supports SRAM saving. Hit L+R to go to the menu and save SRAM. If you don't return to the menu, it doesn't save SRAM. So don't go through a marathon session of some game, then turn off the power without hitting L+R.
Witness the power of 224k of RAM for Gameboy rom data storage! Some games will run very slowly if there is not enough RAM to hold all the cached pages, sorry Zelda fans.
Does not yet support savestates.
Emulator By Flubba. GBAMP support by Dwedit. FAT16/FAT32 filesystem code by Chishm. GBA Movie Player figured out by Darkfader and Chishm.

Release 2 29th August2005 Here

Games which don' T uses 32k saves (IE Not Pokemon) cuts much less speed problems now, since they get 2 extra mask pages. Kirby 2 is now playable, along with Donkey Kong. Zelda isn' T quite there yet.
Fixed the missing rows in the finely problem.
Still has No savestates yet...

I cuts No idea why games like Zelda DX, Dragon Warrior 1&2, Dragon Warrior Monsters, and Pokemon Trading Card Game crash, while Pokemon Gold/Sliver runs fine.

GBAMovie Player Version Here




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