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GoomBA Colour




Gameboy Colour emulator for the Gameboy Advance, Nintendo DS and also the Gamecube via the Gameboy Player.


Download Alpha 6 17th February 2006 / GBAMP Version

"This is alpha version 6 of Goomba Color.
Savestates are still broken.

NOTE: This now includes has tool called GBCTRIM. It trims GBC roms.
C NOT USES this one roms that aren' T the full size, IE, already trimmed by another program.
COMPATIBLE NOT with the GBAMP version right now...
It' S also not compatible with the outdated goomba builder tool that nobody has the source codes to, sheesh, when will people learn that open source is the only way to go..."

Fixed MBC2 SRAM bugs
Supports roms trimmed bank by bank (in non-GBAMP version)
GBAMP version, with of batches aggressive memory management tweaks to increase performance

Alpha 4 - 2006-01-18 (Dwedit)
If the SRAM is full on bootup, the user can now delete files to
avoid losing the latest save, or hit B to cancel.
Fixed the Zelda Oracles games

Alpha 3 12th January 2006

No longer shows colored solid tiles when the screen should be off
Fixed off-by-one scanline problems introduced in alpha 1.
Now you can specify whether you want to emulate a GB, GBC, or GBA
Added double speed mode, either timers only or complete
Fixed splash screen corrupting graphics
Go Multiboot feature for smaller GB roms (and a couple tiny GBC games too)
Major changes to SRAM save system
Added 32k saves, Enter the menu with L+R to save the game's sram
Stack writes to SRAM are now saved
Save files smaller in pogoshell
Some changes merged from Kuwanger's version
Palette changes apply immediatly

Alpha 2 7th January 2006

Fixed VRAM reading (stupid bug)
Fixed sprite palette selection
GBC games can no longer change monochrome palette
Fixed scanline 0 interrupts
(fixes Ninja Gaiden, Shantae, etc)
Added fake HDMA

Changed memory system to support bankswitching to 4k resolution
Identifies to game as a Gameboy Color
Added VRAM bankswitching
Added RAM bankswitching
Added partial HDMA
Added extended attributes per tile and sprite
Added background colors
Added sprite colors
Rearranged tilemaps in vram
Removed support for borders
Added Raster effects for Window layer
Moved to 4-layer drawing system
Draws solid background tiles below the layers to allow color 0 to be visible
Replaces one layer with the GUI when necessary
Added Double Speed mode, but it's disabled now

Alpha 1 5th January 2006


Goomba Color (alpha 1), released 2006-01-04

Here it is, year early possibly-buggy alpha version of Goomba Color. Savestates are broken.
Mario Golf works great!

Double Speed mode was added, then removed because Double Speed means Double CPU Use, and ran At Half Speed for most games. Then there' S Pokemon Card Game, which runs normal At speed only when Double Speed is mode one.

I regret to inform you of significant year casualty of the race for excellence. Super Mario Land has been mutulated beyond belief, and is No to skirt playable. * plays TAPS, bows head downwards *

Sorry Chishm, Conker' S Pocket Tails is not yet supported.



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