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Author: Monk

Description: Gamecube Emulator for Windows and Linux and Mac

Screenshots: Latest v0.3


Windows Version 0.4 HERE

Windows Version here 0.3

GCube Front End 0.3r2 HERE

Linux Version Here 0.3

Mac Version Here 0.3


0.3 should now work on mac os x (thanks to Adam Green)

basic hle system

function mapper

fixed a few problems with pad emulation

further debugger improvements

killed some ugly cpu bugs

fixes here and there

0.2 - support for gcm's and compressed gcm's
- virtual dvd support (mounting directory as the dvd root)
- improved gx emulation
- debugger is working on windows
- file / gcm browser
- OSReport emulation
- various fixes

gcube - Nintendo Gamecube emulator

This is the first release of gcube - an open source gamecube emulator.
I'm writing it only for educational purposes. My aim is to make
at least one commercial game fully emulated (that means with sound and
original speed). This release is aimed at homebrewn programs.
There is no gui and no gcm support (so no comercial games are running).
Main target platform is Linux / x86. Windows is not fully supported
at this point (emulator seems to work, debugger doesn't). I would also
like to support Mac (at least with interpreter), but I don't have access
to one, so it will have to wait.

Keep in mind this is a beta-quality product. It hasn't been throughoutly
tested and may contain bugs.

A few notes before You start testing it:
* Video card must support texture rectangle
(GL_EXT_texture_rectangle or GL_NV_texture_rectangle).
For now it won't run without it.
* Only interpreter is implemented at the moment. That means it is slow
and You might have to wait a long time before something happens
(eg action replay and xrick).
* Debugger is integrated with emulator, so it will always pop up
whenever a fatal error occurs. Pressing F11 (or using 'x' command)
will run the program ignoring the error (if further execution is
at all possible). F12 will quit emulator.
* Configuration file is kept in users home directory
(/home/username on Linux and /documents and settings/username on windows)
in file .gcube.
* Default keys are:
arrows - digital pad
keypad 8/5/4/6 - first analog
home/end/delete/page down - second analog
q/w/a/s/z/x/c - A/B/L/R/X/Y/Z

F2 will switch wireframe mode on / off.

Some notes on the debugger:
* You can get into the debugger at any point by pressing Ctrl + C.
* Debugger is designed to work on a bright background in a 80x25
terminal. By default it won't change the color of the background.
You can pass a parameter to select the color mode:
0 - black and white
1 - default with transparent background
2 - white background
* Type 'help' for a list of commands. You don't have to type
the whole command name, just as few letters to distinguish one
command from another (so in this case 'h' is enough).
Scroll output with PageUp / PageDown.
* Use tab to switch between windows, tilde to show / hide selected
window, - / + to resize, arrows and page up / page down to scroll.
* a few keys:
F5 - run program
F8 - step into
F9 - step over
F11 - detach from debugger (will ignore breakpoints)
F12 - quit
* When the focuse is on code window, use ':' to add
comments / function names. The map will be saved on exit
to 'executable name'.map.
* Simple expressions are supported.
To place nop at current instruction address use:
mem pc nop
('nop' is defined as a constant).
You can use function names in expressions.

For more information about the debugger, check the source code.

Building gcube:
* Before compiling check Makefile for options.
* To compile just type 'make'
(on windows use cygwin and type make -f
* To install, copy gcube to /usr/local/bin

Software requirements:
* SDL library:
* zlib:
* GNU c compiler

Hardware requirements:
* Something good. I'm developing it on Athlon XP 2.0 with 0.5 GB ram and
GeForce 2 GTS, and that is not enough for a full-speed game of pong;)

Usage tips:
* If You have binfmt_misc support compiled into kernel,
copy gcube to /usr/local/bin and put this line into some startup
script (eg rc.local):
echo ":GCDOL:E::dol::/usr/local/bin/gcube:" >/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register
You will then be able to run gc-binary files just like any other
* The easiest way to use it on windows is to make a shortcut to gcube
on the desktop and then just drop Your gc-binary files on it. You can
also associate gcube with dol files.

Big thanks goes to:
* Dolwin authors, org and hotquick. If they wouldn't release
sources of their emulator, gcube wouldn't exist.
* gropeaz / hitmen for Yet Another Gamecube Documentation,
also to everyone who contributed to it in any way.
* Frank Willie (phx) for PowerPC disassembler.
* Every GC homebrew developer releasing sources.

* Great icons by rodimus:

If You spot a very ugly bug or want to share some info
that will help me make gcube a better emulator, drop me a note:


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