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Author: SoftDev



Description: GBA Emulator for the Gamecube.


Download: HERE

GBA Emu+ (RC1)

Copyright Softdev, 2005


-=[ What is it? ]=-

This is basically a PC application to generate a GCM file from your GBA ROMS.
It employs a custom DOL file which offers a menu, and let's you choose which
skin you want to use, and which game you want to play.

-=[ How to use - PC ]=-

Run the "gbaemuplus.exe" file from a command prompt with the following
triggers which will result in producing a proper GCM image.

Usage : gbaemu -o -d -v [-p -ds -dz -brakken]

Mandatory switches
-o Ouput gcm/iso filename - Named anything you want, but remember to
put it in quotes if you use spaces!
-d GBA rom directory - Point this to the ROM dir even if the EXE
currently resides in that directory
-v GCM/ISO Volume label - Volume Label to appear in the imagefile

Optional switches
-p Pad to 1.36Gb - Good for using with the various modchips for
your booting solution
-ds Default skin (0,1,2 or 3) - Which skin you would like to use
-dz Default zoom (0,1 or 2) - Normal, Medium or Full Zoom
-brakken Pad to 2.0Gb - For those of you who own a Qoob modchip

Example 1: gbaemuplus -o homebrew.gcm -d f:\homebrew -v homebrew -p -ds 0 -dz 0

Example 2: gbaemuplus -o betas.gcm -d "e:\consoles\roms\game boy advance\betas" -v "betas v1" -ds 3 -dz 2 -brakken

-=[ Usage - Menu ]=-

Digital Up/Down Move up and down on list
X / Y Move up / down 10 games at a time
A Go play it!
B Switch Skin
Z Switch Zoom

-=[ Notes ]=-

It's my first go on the GC, only started on Sunday 27th April, so don't
expect too much.

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