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What do i need to play Emulators on my GameCube?

Firstly you need this a Gamecube, like below

Nintendo Game Cube (JPN/USA modded) - Platinum Nintendo Game Cube (JPN/USA modded) - Platinum
Buy now at

Or even the ultra cool but expensive Panasonic Gamecube which doubles as a DVD player too ;)

Panasonic Q (JAP/USA & Multi DVD region modified) Panasonic Q (JAP/USA & Multi DVD region modified)
Buy now at

Then you need the Game Boy Player for the Gamecube

Gameboy Player for GameCube (Indigo) Gameboy Player for GameCube (Indigo)
Buy now at

If you have the Panasonic Gamecube you will need the Gameboy Player for that Console:

Gameboy Player for Panasonic Q (incl. free RC Faceplate) Gameboy Player for Panasonic Q (incl. free RC Faceplate)
Buy now at

Theres a New Product out that fits into the Memory Slot of your Gamecube if you dont like the look of the Gameboy Player:

Advance Game Port Advance Game Port  
Buy now at

If all that sounds confusing and you dont own either of them above then why not get the combined pack:

Nintendo GameCube Gameboy Players Pak  (Platinum) Nintendo GameCube Gameboy Players Pak (Platinum)
Buy now at

Next you need a flash Linker and cartridge

buy the G6Flash 1G Flash Cart Here
The G6 Flash Cart Linker , the most popular and top quality back up/dev unit for Gameboy Advance, is now available with big 1G flash cartridge capacity. USB linker is included in this set.

Alternatively theres the Flash 2 Advance 1Gig

Buy flash linker GBA copier here Which does the same as the G6Flash above

Operates on a single USB to GBA link port cable, the most portable fashion device for your package, GBA and GBA SP compatible. Real time clock and calendar built-in, perfect for Pokemon and future RTC compatible games, and also ideal for third-party PDA-like applications. Fastest data transfer rate on the market, only 75s needed for burning a 64M game.
Play small games no greater than 2M directly via cable, no cart needed, best solution for developers, FC emu games and ebook applications. Hardware saver support, perfect support for all kinds of current and future saver types, and all games.
4-Key reboot to game loader in game; software reboot after burning finished, avoid to turn GBA off and on frequently.
Faster and higher density flash chips mounted, smooth operation for all time critical games, no speed patch needed. And 128M, 256M and 512M cart capacity available.The EZFA cable is ready to go for future GBA-Internet interactive applications, more fun you can have with your EZFA.Basically thats all you need oh and not forgetting a PC to transfer the files to your cartridge, sites like GAMECUBE Emulation have many emulators and Homebrew roms software etc and while the cost is steep to begin with, the joy of playing the old classics on your Game Boy Advance is something not to be missed.

Any Questions ask in the Forum:)



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