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Author Nyagosu


Description MSX emulator to the DS


Download fmsxDS v0.06 10th January 2006

fmsxDS v0.05 13thDecember 2005

fmsxDS v0.04 17th November 2005

• Screen positioning (set adjust) is supported all screen.
• Fix palette color of screen 8.
• Control a menu with a pad.
• Fix file select of subfolder

FMSX V0.03 2nd November 2005 Here

Set adjust in scroll just screen 4 correspondence.
Never, the spaceman bow was not thought corresponds to the side scroll of the MSX2+ with.
Changing scroll method with the machine, don't you think? it is the ?.

The BIOS modified in MSX2 fixing. Because the BIOS which you use changes, please note.
In each case, try to be able to select.

Menu you tried changing the picture and the file selective picture, (it is and the leprosy and others doing it undertakes)

Sound correction

212 the part where the screen at the time of the dot is not visible in the lower picture indication

FMSX V0.02 21st August 2005 Here



Early MSX emulator for the Nintendo DS

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