Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name Flux

Author Rize


Description Tetris Game for the Nintendo DS



Flux (flash cart version; with music)

Flux (wifi version)

Flux (flash cart version; no music)


Flux is an action-puzzle game for Nintendo DS of the falling block variety. Players must place blocks so that like colored tiles are adjacent. When the length of such a series of tiles approaches the minimum chain length, the orb-shaped tiles will begin to morph into cubes. When the minimum chain length is reached, a volatile chain of cubes is formed. The player can continue to add to the chain increasing its size. When he chooses, the player may tap any volatile chain to destroy it causing the remaining tiles to settle into the newly created hole. Every 50 tiles destroyed increases the minimum chain length by one requiring the player to create increasingly large collections of tiles to keep the playing field clear.

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