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Homebrew for Nintendo DS

Name Flipbook

Author Sintax


Description Paint Proggy for the DS



NDS Version Here

NDS.GBA Version Here


Flipbook is a full featured MSPaint-like drawing program with flipbook capabilities. You can draw upto thirty frames of animation using eight drawing tools and the DS's full spectrum of colors.


The program is pretty simple and I tried to make everything very intuitive, but here are some things you should know. First off, you'll need to adjust the pressure setting (top right corner of the screen) which will filter out low pressure touches which are usually innacurate. If you find the pen jumping when you try to draw, turn it down-- if you have to press hard or your touches don't register at all, turn it up. Also, only use the fill tool inside of objects (don't fill the whole screen with it).

Here are the controls. The duplicates are because I made it friendly for both left and right handed people:

L or R - Swap the screens
UP and DOWN or X and B - Select drawing tools
LEFT and RIGHT or Y and A - Select next or last frame
Select - undo
Start - Copy last frame

You can also turn on a ghost copy of the last frame (for tracing when animating) by pressing the button that looks like two pieces of paper on top of each other.


This program doesn't work on an emulator because something is screwy with the console I used for some text. Even if I take it out, the pressure setting makes it unusable, and why would you use it on the computer anyway, go play MSPaint

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