Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name DS Text Editor

Author Shaun Taylor


Description Text editor for the Nintendo DS


Download Here 13th October 2005

This is the third beta release of this editor. Changes:
Added an insert, delete, and tab button.
Added a shift and caps indicator.
Fixed bug that let you scroll past the end.
Fixed bug with cursor and lines with a tab.
Fixed bug with wrapping to previous line not working unless you hold down left.
Added repeating characters.
Fixed potential bug with trying to write 0 byte files.
Fixed bug with the cursor on very small text files.
Updated cursor location to be natural numbers.
Added in proper wordwrapping for lines that are too long but lack spaces!
Major speed increases for longer text files.
Left hand/right hand mode.
Touch buttons for the cursor functions.
Credits screen added.


I have put together a set of routines that display wordwrapped variable width fonts using the DS framebuffer or extended rotation buffer mode. The same routines will also display sprites of any size up to 256x256 (or 256x192 if you are on framebuffer mode), and include automatic handling of double buffering by calling a single function, and handled backgrounds. Screenshots can be viewed below using a sample program to show off capabilities. This sample was designed for hardware. You can simply unzip the built libfb to your libnds directory, but if you want to create a new directory and add it to the libpath of the Makefile, it should work just as well. I apologize to anyone who is using this before 8/12/05 as all of the function names have changed. This should not happen again.

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