Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name DSMinesweeper

Author ruuvisca


Description Game for the Nintendo DS



Here 21st October

I fixed more bugs and updated graphics. (download updated)
This game is now quite ready. I'll add some sounds when I got change to run my code on a real ds (emulators doesn't support sound yet). Please report me if you find bugs :)


I haven't tested this game on a real machine and I have no idea does this even work on a real ds :)
dsemu-emulator runs this game correctly. Dualis doesn't show the top screen but otherwise it works just fine. This game doesn't work on Ideas (some problem with touch screen...)

Oh, I forgot that dsemu doesn't emulate timers (which I use for random seed) so fields are not random with dsemu :(
Use touch screen to open blocks.
Use D-pad to move the bottom screen view.
Hold L-button and use touch screen to mark blocks with flag or question-mark

Cursor in the top screen to indicate which area is shown in the bottom screen
Score counting and a highscore list
Optimize the code and fix all the bugs :-D
Stunning effects (both visual and sound)
And many more thing...
Code & Gfx: ruuvisca

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