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Demo of using both screens at once

Download the demo here. To run this demo, you will need a passthrough or other mechanism that redirects ARM7 execution to the GBA port, and a GBA flash card. Place the file on the flash card and boot it. It will then copy the true arm7 and arm9 programs to the correct memory regions and start the demo.

Pictures of my passthrough:

Passthrough after VHDL finished, before I had my visoly cart to test with

Passthrough running metroid

Started via GBA port branching to metroid ARM7 start address, doesn't run if GBA card isn't inserted

Passthrough pics

The actual metroid card was not harmed in the making of this passthrough, only its casing. The PCB soldered to inside is out of a Double Dragon II GB cartridge, and the GB socket connector that got dremelled down is out of a broken DMG. This was built in a hurry out of components I already had lying around, since I was about to leave on winter break, and I wouldn't reccomend building another in this manner.

Visoly flash cart in a new home (old one didn't fit in the DS, and my EZFA refuses to be flashed without a boot menu)

Running both ARM9+ARM7, xor pattern

My first graphical demo, after getting a decent build setup to combine seperate bins and a booter bin into one file to be flashed.

Mirror of

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