Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name DSHeretic

Author jmva16


Description FPS Game for the Nintendo DS



Here v0.3 21st September 2005

Added touch controls for switching weapons, using inventory, and flying up and down.
Added optional music support.
Smoothed out touch screen look a little.
Slowed down the framerate on the automap so it is more reasonable to leave it on all the time.

Here v0.2.2 24th August 2005

Here v0.2.1 23rd August 2005

Here v0.2 22nd August 2005

Here v0.1 9th august 2005


Ported to Nintendo DS by: jmva16
Visit for updates and the latest releases.

YOU MUST supply your own wad!
Raven has been good enough to release the source to this great game. You could be good enough to use a legal wad file. The shareware wad is supported, which you can get from Raven at Otherwise, Heretic can be purchased for very little money these days.

To install:
Unzip entire contents into a directory.
Place YOUR Heretic Wad in that directory and make sure it is called Heretic.wad
NOTE: The shareware wad is named Heretic1.wad. You must rename it (or edit the "make hereticfs.bat" file).
Unzip gbfs into the directory
Execute "make hereticfs.bat"
This will create dsHeretic.ds.gba
Flash dsHeretic.ds.gba onto your gba card
Run it using PassMe/Wifime

Sorry, FlashMe and gbamp are not currently supported. The wad file alone is bigger that 4MB exceeding the limit for those methods.

Touch screen is like mouselook.
Directional pad - walk forward/back, strafe left/right
A - Open doors, push switches
B - Use inventory item
X - Next invertory item
Y - Previous inevtory item
Left shoulder - shoot
Right shoulder - next weapon
Start - menu
Select - automap

These control are not ideal! I am going to get the lower screen map working fast enough with some touch controls, or just add some touch controls. That will be in a later release.
If you go into full screen (menu), the status bar will draw on the lower screen, otherwise it will draw on the upper one. You can toggle the map on and off with select. When off, it will not erase, it will just not update.
I suggest you run just like it starts up, however if you want to try dual screen mode, go to full screen and start the map.

I have included for your convenience. I want to make a special thanks to Damian Yerrick for gbfs. Please visit his website to learn more about gbfs and his other projects at

Also many thanks to dovoto, tepples, darkain, wintermute, doublec and all the other people who pioneered and maintain the DS Homebrew scene!

You may host this file on your website, but do not change any files, remove any files, and any files, and especially do not alter or remove this readme file.
By all means, DO NOT distribute with a WAD FILE!

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