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Nintendo DS Development Emulator

Heres the Picture

This is a more advanced unit than the bare chipset originally released to some developers. Functionally, they are similar except that the cased emulator supports the touchscreen feature on the included DS prototype (still in its E3 form, as you can see). We are currently unsure of how touchscreen features are tested on the old version; perhaps the display is shown on a connected PC and can be manipulated with a mouse or PC touchpad input. Regardless, this newer emulator accepts direct touchscreen input just like a normal, production DS, making it easier for developers to understand how players will interact with the touchscreen.

Note that the DS is still being called "Nitro" in the development community. The "IS" on the emulator case stands for Intelligent Systems, the Nintendo studio where the DS emulators, as well as GBA emulators, were developed. This is the same studio responsible for bringing us the Paper Mario, Fire Emblem, and Advance Wars series.

The white sticker on the emulator case says "Confidential". On top of the case are two slots, one for DS game cards and the other for GBA cartridges.

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