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Name DS : Bright Star Catalogue

Author Nicolas Beuzeboc :


Description Star Game for the Nintendo DS



Updated 13th August 2005

Wifime Version

& PassMe Version

New release, this time i used DS 3D mode to display stars on a sphere surface, the observer is located at the center of the sphere and can rotate on 3 axis with D-pad, A and B, change the field of view with L and R, and change the number of star displayed with select and start.

Changing the field of view isn't a good solution to have a nice full hemisphere view. I'll need to translate back and cancel the closer hemisphere display.

I'm going to add stars color in the next release, and display some information on the bottom screen. I'll work on a stylus control.

Wifime Version

& PassMe Version


Now it's very limited, you can move with the D-pad, zoom in and out with R and L button. This sky map is flat so celestial poles are stretched, i hope to find a way to display them correctly.

This modified catalogue contain 9096 stars from magnitude -1.46 (bright displayed white) to 7.96 (faint displayed more grey).

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