Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name DrugWars

Author Shaun Taylor


Description Classic Game for the Nintendo DS



NDS Version v1.04 13th August 2005

NDS.GBA Version v1.04 13th August 2005

8/12/2005 - Updated to use new features in libfb which makes the code more readable.
8/12/2005 - Version 1.04 has been posted. This fixes a few things with music as well as gives you more options for the music. I also tweaked the interface some more.
8/11/2005 - Version 1.03 posted for comment. This version has sound! Thanks to Deku, I now can play mod files and have put some ambient music in to have something to groove to while making money. Also in this version are a few requested features that streamline navigation and deposit/withdraw.
8/07/2005 - Updated arm9.c to not include the framebuffer library and created the necissary library files to link to libfb. To compile, just put the libfb files into libnds directories or create a new directory and add to your link paths.

Here v1.02 9th august 2005


For my first homebrew project, I decided to do a remake of the ever-present, always-popular DrugWars text rpg. I wanted to make it stand out a little, so I added some city images, which ended up making the entire project rather large. In a future version, I might consider compression and an unpacking lib, but for now, lets hope you have highspeed. This uses the font and sprite routines I wrote in the last sample, and you can also see from the screenshots where I was really intending to use that random splash image on the Font/Sprite Routines demo. Unlike the first demo I put out, this is actually compiled to run properly on the emulator iDeaS. I haven't been able to test this on hardware, but you might want to uncomment the lcdSwap(); line in the arm9.c file to get the screens right on hardware.”

Version 1.01 posted for comment. Fixed a/b swap mistake and the dealer fight bug.
Version 1.0 posted for comment. Please give feedback to DragonMinded in #dsdev or email me at

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