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Author: org

Description: Gamecube Emulator for Windows(PC)

Screenshots: New Screenshots 12 November 2004

Download: Newest Version

Dolwin Patch Pack

Dolwin emulator common frequently asked questions and answers.

Q. I have a GC disk, I inserted it in my CD/DVD drive, but it wont work.
Help me!
A. GC disk using special Nintendo technology, so it can NOT be readen by
usual PC hardware.

Q. How do you copy GCMs (media files) from GC disk ?
A. Ask people, who already did it.

Q. I have X game GCM, I opened it by Dolwin, but it dont work.
A. Currently Dolwin doesnt support games, only simple demos.

Q. What are those DOL and ELF files ?
A. Thats a GC executable files. Homebrewn demos often are compiled to DOLs
and Nintendo demos are compiled to ELFs.

Q. Is there Dolwin website or is it going to be ?
A. Yes, if you have web-designing skills, and you want to help me with it,
send your suggestions to

Q. When is the next Dolwin release ?
A. When it will be ready.

Dolwin team.

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