Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name Choplifter DS

Author tosh-ds


Description Game for the Nintendo DS



1st October 2005 Release Here

Got the collision detection pretty much down now. Atleast when it comes to the soldiers, and basic chopper movement. Might have to work a bit more on collision response though.
Added basic logic to the soldiers, so they'll both find the chopper, and bases. And get out of the chopper when it lands on a platform near a base. Check out the new demo!


Right now I'm working on a Choplifter-clone for Nintendo DS.
Scrolling is working as intended, along with sprite drawing and hiding. Planning to implement half-decent collisiondetection as the next thing, and then move on to more gameplay, like picking up soldiers and bringing them to a drop-off point.

After that I'll look into creating more challenges, like enemy planes/choppers and soldiers.

Another, more future plan, is to include more gameplay like for instance enemy bases.

Using TileStudio for creating the maps, and just drawing the sprites with my painttastic skills :)

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