Nintendo DS Emulation NEWS

Name Antarex DS

Author pocket_lucho


Description Antarex is a classic space shot'em'up with some differences. Your ship can be in two colors ( like ikaruga ), red and blue. You can only destroy enemies of different color than you ( ex: if you are blue, yo ONLY destroy red enemies ) and you can only be destroyed by enemies bullets of the opposite color. Collisions with enemies ALWAYS destroys you .

You can choose between four control modes in the start menu:

First, classic mode, move your ship with the D-pad, fire with B and change color with A, L and R buttons.

Left Handed mode, move your ship with B, A, X, Y buttons, fire with Down and change color with Right, L and R buttons. For left-handed people

Third, Stylus mode, move the ship with the stylus, fire with B and Down, change color with Right, A, L and R buttons ( left-handed / right-handed ).

You can change modes with select in pause mode.

Last mode, 2 players in one console, 1P moves with D-pad and fires with L ( automatic fire ), 2P moves with B, A, X, Y and fires with R ( automatic fire ). In 2 players mode, one player is red and other is blue, no color change

Finally I want to thank doublec for his tutorials , all drunken coders staff for the ndslib, mollusk fot the PA_lib, Damian Yerrick for the GBFS, DekuTree64 for the modlib... and a lot more of people that I forgot


Download NDS Here 21st august 2005

NDS.gba Here 21st August 2005


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